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Molybdenum Disulfide lubricating Materials Engineering R&D Center was founded in 2016. This R&D center is dedicated to the development of molybdenum disulfide application technology and products, as well as the development of solid lubrication projects. Successfully be elected of Luoyang Engineering Technology Research Center in 2017, and established the municipal R&D center-Luoyang Molybdenum Disulfide Self-lubricating New Material Engineering R&D Center.


Our company has 50,000 square meters of manufacturing plants and production sites, nearly 500 square meters of scientific research and experimental sites, has invested molybdenum disulfide production lines and other production facilities. The introduction of technology-based technology research and development engineers, technicians and other 11 people, are senior research and development workers in the field of molybdenum disulfide, experienced, skilled, based on the needs of follow-up research and development work, will continue to strengthen our research team.

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