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Luoyang Shenyu Molybdenum Co., Ltd is a factory produce and sell molybdenum disulfide, molybdenum spray, molybdenum coatings, and offer lubrication solutions. Shenyu Molybdenum works to make a complete industrial chain including molybdenum mining, molybdenum disulfide production, molybdenum disulfide application, and anti-wear & anti-friction technical solutions...

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Molybdenum Mine

Our parent company China Molybdenum (CMOC) has the largest molybdenum mine in Asia - Sandaozhuang Molybdenum Mine. Adequate molybdenum raw materials is provided for molybdenum disulfide production.

Molybdenum Industry Chain

From molybdenum mine, to molybdenum disulfide production, molybdenum disulfide application, molybdenum lubrication solution. We specialized in providing molybdenum products and services.

Advanced production technology of MoS2

With many years production experience of molybdenum disulfide, Shenyu Molybdenum has advanced production technology of MoS2. Shenyu Molybdenum works together with famous research institutes for better future.

Stable Quality & Service

With stable molybdenum mine resources and mature production technology of MoS2, Shenyu Molybdenum supply molybdenum disulfide with stable quality and services to customers.

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