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Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of molybdenum disulfide grease

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Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of molybdenum disulfide grease

The pressure resistance of molybdenum disulfide is very high. Which could be used under extremely high pressure of 20000kg/cm2. The lubricating oil layer which formed by other kind of lubricant grease under the same such high pressure, the film has been broken and loses lubrication. Some experiments have shown that there is molybdenum disulfide exists on the surface of metal. When the pressure increases to 32000kg/cm2, the pressure has actually exceeded the yield point of a certain metal, but the two metal surfaces still do not seize and weld. The 2.5-micron film can withstand a contact stress of 28000kg/cm2 or more and a friction speed of 40 meters per second. This high-pressure resistance is due to its physical structure of molybdenum disulfide.



Grease which containing molybdenum disulfide has excellent lubrication performance for mechanical friction parts working under extreme pressure environment which could provide long-term anti-wear and corrosion protection and also could provide protection under heavy pressure or impact stress conditions Anti-wear protection of parts. If the grease is insufficient, the molybdenum disulfide will stay on the surface to form a protective layer to provide protection for the parts. To ensure its long-term life, the molybdenum disulfide grease widely applicable to all kinds of heavy vehicles, construction equipment, industrial equipment, mining and agricultural equipment, etc. which provides customers with the convenience of reducing maintenance cycles and reducing costs etc.

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