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Technical Questions and Answers

Molybdenum disulfide is an important solid lubricant, known as the "king of solid lubrication", which has been applied in many industries:

1. Application in the lubricating grease industry: Molybdenum disulfide added to the grease can improve the lubricating capacity and load-bearing capacity of the grease, and can reduce wear and friction coefficient. It plays a replenishment role in the case of short impact load or high heat on the lubricating film of the grease. The addition of molybdenum disulfide with different particle sizes can increase zui's large non-sticking load, zui's large sintering load and reduce the wear spot diameter.

2. Application in powder metallurgy industry: Molybdenum disulfide is widely used as antifriction additive. Its excellent lubricity and chemical stability ensure that the wear of products is effectively reduced in the use process, thereby increasing the stability and service life of products.

3. Application in electric carbon industry: adding appropriate molybdenum disulfide can improve the lubrication and wear resistance of brushes. The brush with molybdenum disulfide can work normally for a long time under high temperature, high speed and high vacuum conditions, and increase the service life of the brush under high temperature, high speed and high vacuum conditions.

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